Sentinel Bay
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Sentinel Bay

Garibaldi Provincial Park is in British Columbia, Canada. It is only a couple of hours north of Vancouver, B. C. and stretches from Squamish, past Whistler to the north. The park is really huge. Most of it is pristine and untouched, but where civilization brushes up against it, it's heavily used in summer, and increasingly in winter.

Sentinel Bay is at the east end of Garibaldi lake. The lake is at about the 4800 foot elevation. The Sentinel Hilton is about 200 vertical feet above the lake and about 1 km back from the shore.

Whistler is now busy year round. While it is primarily a ski resort, centered around Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, it is attracting nearly as many people in summer as it is in winter. There are three golf courses in Whistler; two more at Pemberton - 20 minutes to the north; one at Squamish - 45 minutes to the south, and another at Furry Creek - about 15 minutes south of Squamish. Hiking and mountain biking are popular in summer... but then again so is skiing! Whistler and Blackcomb will alternate keeping one of the hills open well into the summer for skiing, and right to the end of summer for hiking.

Sentinel Bay can be reached by the Barrier Trail up to Garibaldi Lake, and across the lake when it is frozen. When the ice melts, it is a much longer trip to go around. It is also on the Garibaldi Neve Traverse, usually started on Paul Ridge just north east of Squamish.

Glacier Pikes on a sunny day.

The 7000' Glacier Pikes stand guard above Sentinel Glacier on a clear day.

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