Sentinel Bay
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Garibaldi Lake

Sunrise over Garibaldi Lake. It takes several hours to cross Garibaldi Lake depending on conditions. Most years one may cross in April and in some as late as June. When the water is open, it makes for a much longer trip. Sometimes the scenery is spectacular, and other times all you see is blowing snow. .
Towing the pack across the lake on a tobogaggan. A lightweight plastic sled can make the lake crossing more pleasant when the surface is firm.  Mount Price in the background.
Approaching Sentinel Bay.  No sun today.
Looking back from the upper cabin to Garibaldi Lake. Looking down from the Sentinel Hilton to a frozen Garibaldi Lake.
John crossing Garibaldi Lake after a sunny week at the Sentinel Hilton. Crossing the lake after a week at the Sentinel Hilton. Later in the year, when the lake is starting to thaw, you have to make your way around the blue open patches of water.

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